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Everything you need to know about 24K.

People.  If you’re here reading this, you probably know about Sanctums 24K program. You might be wondering what they are, why they’re gold, and why you’ve seen a buncha cracks on some of them.

I’m here to shed a little insight on those gold skateboards you may have seen. THE OFFICIAL ANSWER FROM ME.

24K is a little pet project we got going on here. Sometimes we design what we want to ride, but we fully acknowledge it might not sell well or it might not be possible to actually bend materials without breaking that shit apart. We know it, and you know what, we don’t really give a fuck. We make what we want to ride. After all, why have a board company if you can’t make what you really want? (hint: the answer is money)

We started 24K so we could try some new stuff and not worry about what the market (a.k.a. you) think you want. Let me tell you – it’s expensive as hell trying new shit. It’s time consuming. When it doesn’t work the way we want, it’s pretty damn frustrating too. But it’s all worth it when we get a BANGER; and we want you (yes, YOU) to take part of our experiments with us. We’re putting our development process out there for the whole world to see, so be kind when it ain’t perfect. Trial by fire, friends. We’re finding out what works and what doesn’t. Same as you, when you buy into it.


So here’s where things get good. What you see come out of 24K are not carefully studied products that we think will sell based on “market research” bullshit. They’re rider designs. Period. Those little squiggly lines that kind of look like letters? Those are designer marks. Sanctum doesn’t limit a riders design based on what we think will sell. The design is carefully made, with thought put into our individual riding styles, and made without anything else in mind. THAT’S A MAKERS MARK. Concave, shape, and construction all work together in a purposeful way – if someone is not the designer, that person doesn’t change it. The person who designs it gets credit. That’s the way it should be.

All 24K projects are one time run. Projects will never be reproduced exactly the same ever. They’re numbered and gold, because that’s our promise to you. We may tweak a design and release a new limited batch, but it will not be the same. Most of the time, each project is incredibly difficult to make and not possible to make full production. They will probably have little problems or variances between each one. LET ME BE CLEAR HERE – if you want a perfect board, out of a perfect mold, made to look perfect – DO NOT BUY A 24K BOARD.


What you get with 24K is something we make special. 100% by us, for us. We value our customers, our readers, and our supporters, but 24K is for us. Y’all are welcome to join. Buy it or don’t – we don’t care.

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